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<aside> πŸ’» All our positions are fully remote.


<aside> πŸͺ§ At the moment, we’re only hiring for Bubble.io developers who can work with the new responsive engine.


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Role responsibilities

As a Bubble.io visual developer, you will mainly be concerned with the following responsibilities:

1) Building in Bubble accurately and fast.

You'll be working with a product manager (PM) and a designer for the startups that we are developing for. The PM will do the initial scoping with the client, but you will be part of the process throughout and will have your say on the process without worrying for the responsibility of the process to fully fall on you.

Your role is not to just follow requirements blindly, but to focus on helping us refine them and building such refinements out well so that our clients can quickly test out and validate their products.

2) Testing and fixing assumptions

We are continuously working to make sure we are making the tools work for us and not have us working for the tools. That means, we want to continuously re-evaluate how we are using the tools properly. You will have a great say on how projects are built and designed and what tools we use for that.

For example, if we end up building something that does not work best when implemented with a certain no-code tool, you have the freedom to propose and go ahead with what you believe is the most efficient way to move forward with.

3) Sharing your wits to build our components library

When a project is done, we would love to pick your brain and add your best findings in our library. This can be in the form of a tutorial or reusable components added to our library. You will be paid for this as well.

Your day-to-day

Usual tasks you would be taking care of:

πŸ“‹ Reviewing the technical scope with the assigned PM for a new project.

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